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Rani Huszar

 Rani Huszar

Rani Huszar ( Hazza !)  The Queen of Quirk, is one of Australia’s most loveable circus/variety artists. A physical comedian who  oozes absurdist charm as she walks a fine line between mind-blowing skills and being completely ridiculous.

With over 20 years experience performing in more than 32 countries Rani  has also presented her physical comedy and contortion acts in various movies and TV shows including, Ghost Rider with Nicholas Cage, Jackie Chan's Police Story 4 : Last Strike, Abc's The Side Show, T'V's Night at the Memo… to name a few.

Huszar's love of comedy has brought her to train with top mentors including Sacha Baron Cohan's infamous favourite  Phillipe Gaulliere, and many more purveyors of brilliant stupidity.

Rani entertains audiences with an enjoyably whacky sense of humour, audience interaction, and a mind-bending contortion act as her alter ego Ruby Rubberlegs, a human rag doll with rubber limbs who twists, bends, contorts and folds her body into impossible proportions in a see-thru glass box for all to see, it simply must be seen to be believed, even after you see it , it’s still hard to believe!



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