Burlesque to the Bone

Stripper, showgirl, comedy , burlesque, funny Rani Huszar, exotic , dancer, circus, sideshow, variety, varietyville , sexy , unbeleivable, halloween , day of the dead

A mock strip tease turns into a thriller horror show .
 Rani plays a seductive Burlesque artist with child-like mockery, then she flips Burlesque on it's head, stripping off everything .... even her  skin, her bones !

Taking Burlesque to another level with the use of black art, humour , thriller and  dance, this act is a favourite for cabarets, burlesque shows , dance shows, high art shows, comedy or variety nights. Guaranteed to entertain, Burlesque to the Bones is  always a favourite!


" the best piece of burlesque I've laid eyes on ..  "
-The Pun

" it's an absolute winner, my favourite act of the night "
- Beat Magazine, Melbourne Comedy Fest

" freakin hilarious !!! .. blew my mind "
- Falls Festival

"hugely inventive "
-The pun

a hilarious spoof on the burlesque craze"
-The Guardian

" it's Debbie does Dallas crossed with Dawn of the Dead"
- The Catch Penny Club
burlesque, parody, comedy