If it’s corporate or pure entertainment, this flashy act is guaranteed to impress and entertain.
It can be catered to fit your whatever the occasion .


la box


Perfect for a short spot to impress your audience, blow their imaginations, and keep them laughing at the same time.

Ruby Rubberlegs is a Variety and Sideshow Superstar, who has presented her act in top cabarets such as La Clique, The league of Sideshow Superstars, Acts of Absurdity, The Great Gondos Variety Show and many more fabulous and high end shows.

Miss Rubberlegs will charm the pants off your audience as she makes them giggle whilst blowing their minds.

An act to impress, an act that must be seen to be believed and even then, it’s hard to believe.

In the box


Looking for something flashy and spectacular for your event ?

Many clients wish to impress their event with a single act, or demonstrate an idea.

The contortion box is perfect for simply ‘blowing their minds, ‘expanding the imagination’,

The classic metaphore of ‘being put in a box‘,‘thinking outside the box, ‘believing anything is possible,‘things aren’t always what they seem’,appearances can be deceiving , the list goes on ... and...... ON !

I have performed at demonstrated all of these concepts for Movies, T.V commercials, corporate events, meetings, seminars, trade shows, Royal Shows and many more...

So whether your looking to impress, inform or simply entertain, I can mould the idea to suit you.