The Magical
Miss Genie

Lost over Paris

Rani Huszar (Australia) -The incredibly magical Miss Geni is a genie like no other ! She is a fantasy, make believe character that will take you on a comical adventure as she attempts to fly on her magical carpet , grant wishes, and dance the exotic dance of the ages - all the ages, including hip hop !

Now she's out of her bottle - NOTHING can stop her! She'll find a sultan, dance , fly , even perform an extreme feat of contortion where she squeezes her entire body into her impossibly small home, which is a minute contortion box.

Miss Geni has granted wishes all over Australia,  UK, Europe, America, Canada, Southern Pacific,  New Zealand, Middle East, and parts of Asia so catch her before she vanishes … Be enchanted, be involved, be careful what you wish for!!


Ruby on a box Ruby multi arms